Lighting Master Plan of the Grand Canal in Hangzhou, China

About This Project

Located at 200 kilometers in the South of Shanghai, the city of Hangzhou is crossed by a wide network of canals that allowed it to increase its prosperity. Since 2007, the city has been the object of a major development around the Grand Canal to increase its tourist drawing power.
It is in this context that the Government of Hangzhou decided to transform the industrial image of the Grand Canal on a length of 10 kilometers in the center of the town while renewing the banks promenades, initiating daytime and nocturnal cruises and creating a night scenery that would attract both Chinese and foreign visitors.


The objective of the Lighting Master Plan was therefore to reveal the intrinsic beauty of the site, its monumentality, its identity, its characteristics and the wealth of its traditional architecture and landscape. The canal landscape has been unified and affirmed by a blue green light. This colored mist creates a quiet and mysterious environment and evokes a Chinese wash painting that adapts perfectly to the natural character of the site.
The new nightscape totally transformed the site for the pleasure of tourists but also created an original and pleasant luminous ambiance that completely satisfies residents.



Lighting design in France


Lighting design in China

ZHONGTAI Lighting Group


City of Hangzhou






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