Lighting Master Plan, São Paulo, Brazil

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São Paulo in Brazil counts today around 12 million inhabitants and 670.000 luminous points of public lighting that is a ratio of 1 luminous point for 18 habitants. The city at night is functionally lit, without any care or attention to the millions of city dwellers that live, work or travel in the city every night.

It was therefore very important for the municipal authority to launch and study in 2012 a new and specific lighting strategy with the coming big international events in Brazil (World soccer cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016).

The challenging goal of the São Paulo Lighting Master Plan was to create a nightscape that would reveal the unique identity of the Brazilian megalopolis, its monumental natural site and the Ghost Rivers invisible nowadays in the city center. The insertion in the nocturnal skyline of a large number of tall buildings, the necessity to imagine for the numerous districts original and various pedestrian and social lightings, to underline the city morphology at night while decreasing its global energy consumption were also important issues.

Studying and developing a lighting master plan for this kind of huge cities is now a must and a responsibility for the urban lighting designers if we want to propose a human and social vision of what should be the luminous ambiances at night in such a monumental space and in this quite frightening urban environment.

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Lighting Design Brazil

Plino Godoy et Associates

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CRA Engineering office


City of São Paulo (12 000 000 inhabitants)



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