Lighting Master Plan of Rennes, France

About This Project

The patterns of urbanization of Rennes and its urban community is based on the concept of multipolarity and green belt allowing to stop the urban sprawl. Rennes is presented as a city which knew how to limit its extension. Its original urban morphology is considered as exemplary in France.
It wished in 2012 to acquire a Lighting Master plan for her whole territory to create a sober, developing, representative night-identity for the city and its past while reducing her energy consumption.


In this study, the urban shape of Rennes was particularly convenient to elaborate principles allowing to introduce darkness in town and to modulate the lighting according to needs and night-practices. The cornerstone of the lighting master plan was the realization of a black framework to complete the green and blue frameworks.

Besides, the local atmospheres were studied to bring inventiveness and light variety to the city center and to the suburbs. The reflection on the shape of the city and on its current and future practices was based on a fractal view of the light, with a specific treatment adapted to fragments, portions, knots, elements of network which build its global night-image.
This study evolved around educational workshops and around night walks which allowed to have 250 people participate from every district.




Lighting design


In collaboration with

Landscape Designers : Atelier J. Osty & associés
Architects : Lionel Orsi


City of Rennes (206 000 habitants)




Application of the first principles of the LMP : 2012/14.
Lighting Design guidance : 2014/18

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