Ligthing Master Plan of Lorient, France

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Lorient is a port city above all. The city is in the mouth of the Blavet and the Scorff which flow into the natural harbour of Lorient and then into the Atlantic Ocean. Its military fame and its strategic location led it  to its being almost razed during the Second World War.

In 2013, the city wished to acquire a Lighting Master plan to get a coherent night view, a virtuous approach of its energy consumption, a limitation to its light pollution and to personalize the night atmosphere of its districts.

This study put on the city a composite look, based on a cartographic reading of the potentialities to concentrate on the practices and to locate a “protein-shaped active zone”, allowing the elaboration of a main theme for the night atmospheres.
The subject of the study was to establish a black framework adapted to the night-dynamics and to the harbour activity of Lorient, persisting even at night.


A precise work was also run on the pedestrian atmospheres of the marina to reaffirm the presence of the sea in town at night.
The renovation of the street lighting and the future landscaping which mark out the territory will be used as levers allowing a fast application of the principles of the proposed night landscaping.



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City of Lorient (62 000 inhabitants)



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