PSA Peugeot Citroën Design Center, Vélizy, Yvelines, France

About This Project

This building is organized in horizontal layers that combine concrete and glass, where transparency and opalescence alternate. It stands as a long curved vessel of 220 meters in length, in a landscape of terraces on the edge of an important Parisian suburb’s highway.


The artificial lighting of the Style’s plateau comes in addition, then in substitution of the oriented natural lighting. It effectively balances the natural lighting coming from the facade and overhead. Linear lighting fixtures, regularly distributed, are positioned perpendicular to the plane of façade and create in the volumes a comfortable, soft, perfectly uniform lighting (average illuminance of 1200 lux).


Situated on the roof, the 900 square meter cars display hall can be considered to be its nerve center. This is where the future car models are presented and the final decisions are made.

Artificial light plays a fundamental role, allowing the vehicles to be viewed in constant lighting conditions, whatever the changes in natural lighting outdoor. The room is therefore voluntarily made blind.

The hall complies with a very stringent artificial lighting programme: 2500 lux vertical illuminance on vehicles daylight type, strong backlighting and dazzling prohibited, reflections controlled, possibility of varying the brightness in the hall.

The room was designed for the light, with an elliptical curvature so as to maximize the distribution of lighting on vehicles. Artificial light is predominantly emitted in the room from a very large dimension translucent window wall (4 meters high and 26 meters long), which can be partially obscured, backlit using a battery of 130 1000W projectors. The lighting, which is mainly indirect, produces no shadows on the ground.


This exceptional project allowed to respond in all points to the complex demands of the client, through a continuous and enriching dialogue with future users, present at all stages of validation of the project.

Lighting design


Architects: Atelier d’architecture Ripault-Duhart
Landscape architects: Agence Latitude Nord
Engineer office: SETEC Bâtiment



Studies and realization

2000 / 2004


40 000 m2

Project sheet

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