Heating central plant, Turin, Italy

About This Project

The facades of this industrial architecture, located in the heart of the city of Turin at the crossing of two major boulevards, have been redesigned for spreading nested stainless steel metal shells.


The night staging was imagined to exalt the strangeness of this black mass, to integrate its sculptural form in the urban night and set in virtual motion the spiral interweaving of gently illuminated volumes.

The light and radiation created from inside the building symbolically evoke to passers-by the captive energy associated with the useful role of urban heating.


The stainless steel blades forming the curved surfaces are given a backlight effect which turns through crevices and cut streaks between the blades, taking its full intensity through the large visible faults between the shells.

The stainless steel tanks and fronts, left voluntarily in the shade, trap and reflect the orange scratches drawn by the surrounding streets sodium lighting.

The helicoidally mesh surrounding the big stainless steel chimney is illuminated from the inside.


The whole architectural lighting was designed no to hinder in any way the diurnal and nocturnal continuous activity in the plant and to take into account the regional desire to prohibit any luminous flow directed towards the sky.

Lighting design


Architects: Agence Buffi & Associés


City of Turin - AEM

Length of facades

300 m




2008 - 2009

Project sheet

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Architectural lighting