Garonne River nightscape, Toulouse, France

About This Project

The city of Toulouse, which has established and developed on a wide loop of the river Garonne, was the subject of a Lighting Master Plan.

Naturally, one of the major themes addressed by this study was the lighting of this exceptional landscape formed by the River in the city center. In this framework the city wished to carry out a night scenery which unfolds over 2.5 kilometers, from the Saint-Michel Bridge upstream in the South to the Catalans Bridge, downstream.


Le Bazacle, a shallow passage over hard rock in the river bed, used to be a ford and the only crossing-point on the Garonne which undoubtedly explains why Toulouse was founded there.

The actual concrete construction connects the two river banks and zigzags between a hydro-electrical plant and the front of the La Grave hospice.

This 250 meter long emblematic broken line was highlighted using a partially dotted, colored pathway of blue-green color light, embedded in the causeway and implemented as part of an overall ecological approach to our lighting projects.


The realized night landscape also took into account the rows of trees of the upper embankments, the lighting of the Prairie des Filtres Park located on the river’s bank, and the illumination of the Catalans Bridge that closes the basin to the North.

Lighting design


Engineer office: Egis


City of Toulouse





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