The Front de Seine district Paris 15e, France

About This Project

A witness of urbanism on slab in the spotlight in the 1960s, the Front de Seine district was suffering numerous malfunctions: space on slab deserted in favor of street level, degraded access, labyrinthine routes and insecure nooks.

As part of a large renovation of this area, Concepto was commissioned by the developer to study a Lighting Master Plan for the entire site, and then to accompany the HYL landscape architect studio, in charge of the first sector to be treated.
The renovation of three other sectors comprising the district was then the subject of an assistance mission to check the consistency of the lightings created by each project management team.



The landscape architects transformed the Cassiopeia sector site into a generous urban garden with clearly legible crossings. The aim of the lighting project was to offer friendly atmospheres at night and to create strong visual cues to facilitate user orientation.

The various accesses to the slab were made identifiable in the perspective through a luminous dotted line running on the ground from East to West. Pedestrian poles with a slender silhouette meander today between the flowering meadows.

The towers entries are marked by small luminous vertical lines and a blue up-lighting coating that highlights the structural and sculptural particularities of the “wasp waist” that characterizes each of the towers in the area.

Lighting design


Lighting design : CONCEPTO.
Engineering office : ESE.


SEM PariSeine






30 ha

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