Extension of the « Maréchaux » tramway line, Paris, France

About This Project

The lighting project on the extension of the Parisian tramway line was launched to requalify the public lighting along the line, while illuminating the understructure of the bridges, following the principles set out in the Lighting Master Plan of Paris Crown.


The project also included the architectural lighting of a new bridge built especially for the tramway line over the Ourcq canal. The banks of the canal are staged, from this new bridge to the Paris Ring Bridge, to accompany walkers on their nocturnal wanderings.

A mixture of warm white light diffused by luminous columns and blue light issued by projectors under the bridges helps to create a soft and pleasant atmosphere while securing the edges of the banks.


A specific lighting fixture has been designed to highlight at night the seven gates of Paris encountered. It is a diffuse linear device that creates a colorful luminous vertical line, fixed on the street lighting high masts. The color is changing from gate to gate from dark green at the Pré Saint-Gervais gate, to cyan at the Chaumont gate, blue at the La Villette gate and dark blue at the La Chapelle gate.

Lighting design


Engineering studio: Sétec TPI
Architects: Reichen et Robert & Associés
Landscape architects: Pena & Pena


City of Paris


2007 / 2011


2011 / 2012


6,5 kms, de la Porte des Lilas à la Porte de la Chapelle

Project sheet

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Urban lighting