« Vallée aux Loups » departmental Park Châtenay-Malabry, Hauts-de-Seine, France

About This Project


This 90 hectare string of parks was subject to a reclassification of its many pedestrian circulations.

The lighting was designed to secure the walks, create pleasant nocturnal atmospheres and enhance the image of the site, visible in the perspective and from the bordering buildings. It was conceived from luminous diffusing columns fixed on a wooden mast and equipped with a cylindrical mask with a lace of maple leaves.

This lighting is voluntarily diffuse, unlike the solar light that gives the oriented East-West walks a sunny face and a shady one.

The columns form discrete vertical lines that seem to disappear through the mimicry of the mask which also offers on one half a more opaque surface to outlaw any light nuisance to the built fronts and in environmentally sensitive areas. They are implemented on both sides of the pedestrian paths with variable spacing that brings visual rhythm and night contrasts.

The paths, used during part of the night only, are lit depending on these temporary uses to preserve the nocturnal biodiversity at best.


Lighting design


Landscape architects: Jacqueline Osty & Associates
Engineering studio: OGI


Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine





Length of pedestrian pathways

1,3 Km

Project sheet

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