College Thomas Mann Paris 13e (France)

About This Project

In the context of the Energy Performance contract with the city of Paris, college Thomas Mann has benefited from a special architectural lighting in the urban landscape.
Its contemporary architecture and its visibility from the public space have integrated it into the Paris new illuminations strategy called “the Light Plan”, favoring the municipal equipment and places of neighborhoods.

The accentuation of a fraction of the building and the highlighting of its architectural lines with colored light effects characterize the lighting concept. We wanted to offer an attractive and cheerful illumination for users through the use of color.

The walls of the college become a palette on which red, amber and white lights mingle and create new shades of color. The light catches the caps and underlines the structural components of the college. A light projection with the effigy of the writer Thomas Mann completes the illumination. This image can evolve into a composition resulting from consultation with the students of the college, or in the context of a particular event.

For the sake of daytime and nighttime integrations of the luminaries, the implementation of the projectors and the wiring were subject to a conscientious work in collaboration with the architect and the installer.

The whole installation is realized with LEDs sources, allowing an energy consumption of less than 1kW. The architectural lighting works in correlation with the operating hours of the college and is regulated thanks to an astronomical clock.

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