The avenue called « Cours des 50 otages », Nantes, France

About This Project

The lighting of the avenue called “Cours des 50 otages” has been designed in tune with the architectural project to enhance at night three main goals:

  • Emphasizing the geographic dimension and the landscaping project of the city center.
  • Disciplining the flow of traffic to allow the arrival of the second tramway line.
  • Drawing new visual perspectives.


The night image was thought focusing on landscape treatment and pedestrian areas in order to enhance the conviviality of the site.

The tramway layout was underlined by a ground lighting indicating clearly its trajectory across the urban landscape.

This project was an opportunity to develop a contemporary light furniture, original and innovative, designed to ensure the different desired light functions as well as signing the site, day and night. The range specially created for this project included a street pole, a promenade pole, a mixed pole, a plant pole, a bollard and a lantern fastened on bracket on facade.


The luminous corollas of the diverse poles, lighted by using optical fibers and light generators concealed in the masts, visually mark the night perspective of the avenue.


All of the avenue, from façade to facade, has been treated consistently with a single tone of warm white light to give at night a greater spatial range and a larger visual plenitude.

Lighting design


Architects: Italo Rota, Bruno Fortier Engineer studio: Thierry Bloch Landscape architect: Ingénieurs et Paysage


City of Nantes


1991 / 1993


1998 / 2000


1 km

Project sheet

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