City center, Chartres (France)

About This Project

The night treatment of the city heart reveals the width and the thickness of the layout. It also composes a strong picture for the renovation of the “Place des Epars” while releasing space to allow day and night events.

The whole lighting is realized with a warm white tonality which secures the nocturnal route with the help of warm luminous ambiances.
A single range of lighting furniture throughout the boulevards enables to harmonize their daytime and nighttime images.


The side prominent buildings and facilities are carefully staged to transform the night time image of the gates of the city center.

Nocturnal North South cross-links are marked by graphic luminous columns that accompany pedestrians between the peripheral districts and the city center.
The marking of the “addresses”, real spaces connecting the underground car park to the street, is also an important element of the lighting project.
The luminous contrasts of the transitions between the underground and surface areas of the city were treated with a particular care.
Each building illumination comes in a sober perennial staging as well as a more colorful and festive one, and their periods of operation were decided in agreement with the client.

Lighting design


Architects: Reichen et Robert & Associés.
Landscape designer : Atelier J. Osty & Associés.
Electric engineering studio : Arcadis ESG.


Ville de Chartres


2 kms





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