Al Azaiba Park Muscat, Oman

About This Project

Muscat is a modern town with 600,000 inhabitants that developed on the coastal plain between the mountains of Al Jabal Al Akhdar and the Gulf of Oman.

West of downtown, the Al Azaiba Park was established along a wadi (or dry river) which goes through two kilometers a new residential district for two kilometers.


The lighting of the Park has enabled to characterize and confirm the amazing picture of this dry river. It accentuates at night the asymmetry between the East and West river banks. A blue beacon at the top of the luminous columns, regularly implemented on the upper Western promenade, visualizes the topography and the slope of the river “flowing” towards the sea in the North.


This large floodplain space, with a width varying between 40 and 100 meters, was to remain free of any lighting poles in the lower walks as in the bed of the wadi not to hinder the rise of water in case of strong thunderstorms.

Night sceneries were designed to animate the site and encourage the various uses of this new district, leaving the bed of the wadi in the darkness.


Lighting design


Landscape architect: Atelier J. OSTY & Associés


City of Muscat




first phase 2,1 ha



Project sheet

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