June 2016

Keynote speaker for “the Landscape Master” at IUAV, International University of Architecture of Venice, Italy – Lecture “Urban lighting’s evolutions”. Roger Narboni.


April 2016

Keynote speaker for  “Creative Lighting Design Master”, ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia – Lecture “Urban lighting’s evolutions”. Roger Narboni.


Keynote speaker for IALD, London, England – Lecture « Light conversation with Mark Major ». Roger Narboni.


March 2016

Keynote speaker for “City lights” event, during Light+Building fair, School of Architecture of Frankfurt, Germany – Lecture “City lighting: a tool for urban planning”. Roger Narboni.


February 2016

Keynote speaker for the Landscape architects congress in Jyvaskyla, Finland – Lecture “Lighting the lanscape”. Roger Narboni.


Novembre 2015

Keynote speaker for the 2nd “Lighting Design Forum”  on the topic “Lighting the heritage landscape”, Singapour – Lecture “The lighting of heritage sites in the frame of modern cities Lighting Master Plans”. Roger Narboni.

Lien : http://lightingdesignforum.com/


Octobre 2015

PLDC Roma, Italy – Lecture ” The recent evolutions of Lighting Master Plans”. Roger Narboni.


PLDC Roma, Italy – Keynote speaker for the City’s Forum “The Lighting Master Plans : what then ?”. Roger Narboni.


Keynote speaker for the “Lighting Design event”, organized by ITMO University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Lecture “Light and Cultures”, Roger Narboni.


Les rencards de l’ACEtylène, Lumière et savoirs, Maison de l’Architecture, Paris, France

Presentation of professional workshops realized in 2014, in Medellin, Colombia and Tehran, Iran. “A transmission of knowledges for discovering, encouraging and getting feeded from local cultures”. Roger Narboni & Fanny Guerard.

Knowing and not knowing in our approach to lighting designer. “A dual and self introspection through two unique courses”. François Gaunand & Fanny Guerard.

Lien : http://www.ace-fr.org/the_event/13eme-edition-des-rencards-de-lacetylene/


June 2015

Lecture for the PLDC Warm up – Showroom I Guzzini in Paris, France. Virginie Nicolas.


Keynote speaker for the symposium “City after dark”, Jerusalem, Israel. Roger Narboni.


May 2015

Keynote speaker for “Moscow Light Arch” festival, Moscow, Russia. Roger Narboni.


April 2015

Keynote speaker for IES 2015, 10th anniversary, Mexico-city, Mexico. Roger Narboni.


March 2015

Light, culture and lighting : seminar with Light Zoom Lumière. “Sun and overcast skies, materials of creation in architecture”. National School of Architecture, Nantes, France. Virginie Nicolas.


Keynote speaker for the Master of Lighting Design, Barcelona, Spain. Roger Narboni.


Seminar “Live urban nights”. School of Architecture, Marne la Vallée, France.

“The introduction of darkness in the city, a job of balancing act”.  Fanny Guerard & Loeïza Cabaret.

Round table ronde on Light Urbanism and urban luminous ambiances. Roger Narboni.


January 2015

Opening of the International year of Light 2015 in France, La Sorbonne, Paris, France. Roger Narboni.


Novembre 2014

EILD 2014, Medellin, Colombia

Keynote speaker for EILD 2014, Medellin, Colombia. Roger Narboni.
Lecture “Luz y salud, impacto en el bienestar – Buscar el equilibro de las noches urbanas”. Fanny Guerard.


Keynote speaker for ILDC 2014, Tehran, Iran. Roger Narboni.


Lecture ” The Lighting Master Plans”. “Smart Lighting & Energy” summit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Roger Narboni.


Octobre 2014

Cycle “Borders and neighborhoods: the arts in the topology of the fields of knowledge”, 3rd component in 2014 on the theme of the Ambivalences of light. Univerisity of Pau and Pays de l’Adour, France.

Lecture “the fickleness of daylight: a technical constraint and a creative material for architecture”. Virginie Nicolas.

May 2014

“Light On Architect”. Lyon, France. Lecture “The sun as a creative material for Architecture”. Virginie Nicolas.


Keynote speaker for the symposium “Lighting the historical sites”, Madrid, Spain. Roger Narboni.


November 2013

Keynote speaker for ILDC 2013, Shiraz, Iran. Roger Narboni.


October 2013

PLDC Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Sustainable and beautiful light: how new technologies and environmental requirements reinforce the integration of the day&night lighting solutions”. Virginie Nicolas.

Lecture “Nocturnal cities and natural sites”. Roger Narboni.


October 2012

Keynote speaker for EILD 2012, Queretaro, Mexico. Roger Narboni.


Keynote speaker for Luxamerica 2012, Cartagena, Colombia. Roger Narboni.


October 2011

PLDC Madrid, Spain. Lecture “The old city of Jerusalem Lighting Master Plan”. Roger Narboni.


Congress “new strategies for historical centres », Mexico-city, Mexico. Roger Narboni.


September 2011

Keynote speaker for “Septembeam light Festival”, Olomouc, Czech Republic. Roger Narboni.


June 2011

Keynote speaker for LAMP Awards, Barcelona, Spain. Roger Narboni.


March 2011

PLDA event “Lights in Goa”, India. Roger Narboni.


October 2010

Keynote speaker for EILD 2010, Valparaiso, Chile. Roger Narboni.


Keynote speaker for PLDA « lighting day » in Istanbul, Turkey. Roger Narboni.


October 2009

PLDC Berlin, Germany. Lecture ”  Grand Canal Lighting Master Plan and Ying Yue nightscape in Hangzhou, China”. Roger Narboni.


April 2009

Keynote speaker for SIIPE in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Roger Narboni.


November 2009

Keynote speaker for “ Lighting day ” in Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway. Roger Narboni.


September 2009

Association LUCI association, General meeting in Gwanjiu, South Korea. Roger Narboni.


October 2007

PLDC London, England. Lecture “The Paris Crown Lighting Master Plan”. Roger Narboni.


November 2006

ELDA+ event in London, England. Roger Narboni.


April 2006

ELDA+ Light Focus, “Water landscapes”, Light+Building 2006, Frankfurt, Germany. Roger Narboni.


December 2003

Curator for the International Symposium « Lumières préfiguratrices, lumières révélatrices » ACE, Lyon, France. Roger Narboni.


Curator for the 2nd Symposium on the Ecology of light « Light and sustainable development », EDF, Lyon, France. Roger Narboni.


December 2002

Curator for the 1st Symposium on the Ecology of light, AFE, Lyon, France. Roger Narboni.


Symposium international « Light urbanism in debate », ACE, Lyon, France. Roger Narboni.


March 2002

Symposium Urban Project workshop « Penser la ville par la lumière », French Ministry of Urban Planning, Paris La Défense, France. Roger Narboni.