Paris, France – Martin Luther King Park

Creation of a high mast, railway style, with projectors, 2014

Realization : Valmont

Châtenay Malabry (92), France – Vallée aux Loups Park

Creation of a mask with leaves for a luminous column, 2013

Realization : Comatelec

Paris, France – Maréchaux tramway line

Creation of luminous vertical lines to signal Paris’ Gates, 2013

Realization : Targetti

Sables d’Olonnes, France – Waterfront

Creation of a wooden high mast with projectors, 2013

Realization : Aubrilam

Chartres, France – Epars square

Creation of a wooden high mast with projectors, 2007

Realization : Aubrilam

Muscat, Sultanat of Oman – Al Azaiba Park

Creation of an arabesque mask for a luminous column, 2011

Realization : Comatelec

Toulouse, France – Occitane square

Creation of a suspended luminaires system, 2007

Realization : Targetti

Toulouse, France – Garonne River nightscape

Creation of a recessed underwater luminous line to signal the Bazacle Causeway, 2005

Realization : Targetti

Grenoble, France – 3rd tramway line

Creation of a range of street lighting masts, 2006

Realization : Comatelec

Rouen, France – Grammont Park

Creation of high mats, 2005

Realization : Valmont

Talmont-sur-Gironde, France

Creation of a specific lantern, 2001 

Realization : Comatelec

A29 highway, France

Creation of two very high masts (50 meters) for an highway crossing near the city of Le Havre, 1995

Structure engineering : ARCORA

Realization : Eiffel Normandie

Nantes, France – 50 Otages avenue

Creation of four models of street and pedestrian masts and a decorative lantern for the avenue, 1993

In co-design with Italo Rota, Bruno Fortier, Jean-Thierry Bloch, architects.

Realization : Thorn